In and Around the Fashion Week Tent on Day 1

A few photos I took while Angie was at the BCBG show.

Photographers were lining up to take Angie's photo outside the entrance, but I'm not going to give that away before the outfit post tomorrow. ;-)


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Packing for Fashion Week

Guess who is packing for New York Fashion Week in the other room? I snuck in these photos and announced that I'm posting them. Partly because I wanted to put something in the new Fashion Week forum category, but also because the colours are cool and I think Angie's super organized packing process is something to behold.

When I took these photos the outfits were being assembled. It won't be very long before the entire 10 day trip is mapped out in ensembles (contingencies too). It is all informed by and there is nothing written down, anywhere.

BTW, these photos (and others that I take when in NYC) should also appear in the NYFW page:


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Photo Uploads Updated

A few minutes ago I updated the component of the site that handles photo uploads. The changes are mostly improvements to reliability, but I have also increased the size of the photos once uploaded. So in some cases when you zoom in you will be able to see a larger version if you increase the size of your web browser window.

For those who are interested in the details, all photos that have width or height larger than 1024 pixels will be resized to 1024 pixels (this value was previously 640).

Things should also be just a tiny bit faster.

Please let me know if you see any strangeness.

UPDATE: There is now also a new viewer so that the larger images will scale down if you are using a smaller browser window.


Guess what we're testing, Android users?

Your YLF dev team out and about in Fremont, Seattle.

Yay or nay on Morgan's shirt!


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Rosie's Realtime Example: Help me choose a sweater!

This is for an afternoon walk. It is pretty grey out, so I was thinking the red. But I'm told that blue suits my coloring. Of course, there is also the birthday suit option, but that might be a little chilly this time of year.

This is an example of a Realtime conversation. Read more about this new feature in backstage blog.


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New York Fashion Week Photos

We're off to Fashion Week. I will be posting some of our photos in this thread as we go along.

The most recent of these photos will appear on the front page.

Don't let that stop you from posting though. Only my photos will be pulled into the feature.


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