Rickshaw Driver Style

Here is a photo that didn't make the cut for our Kyoto posts. It is a rickshaw driver that we saw near the entrance to the Silver Palace.

Everything about this guy signals that he plans to go fast. Very. Fast.

From his lycra cycling gear and booties, the watch that will tell him whether he exceeded his personal best time, to the low wind resistance headband and his muscular legs.

Not to mention the facial expression of singular focus.

If rickshaw races were an olympic sport, I have no doubt that he would be in contention.


Graffiti Wall on the Corner of 50th & Roosevelt

Here's a little more background on today's outfit post, Embracing Colour.

As Angie said, this is a free wall in Seattle's University District. While we were there we saw a few artists doing their thing. I chatted to one graffiti artist who goes by the name "What It Do". That's him with a newly completed work. The letters are N.O.D., the name of the crew he associates with. It stands for "Not On Dope".

He also explained the significance of the word "aybee" that's on the wall in many places. One of the few female Seattle graffiti artists, Ana Dyson (previously Ana Bender and also known as "AB") had passed away in February, and other graffiti artists were paying tribute to her. One part of the wall had a painting of her where people had left flowers.


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