The Making of Batsam Begins

We thought it would be fun to show you some behind the scenes pictures from our making of the April 1 post today. It's all a lot of fun, but every so often I get the impression that Sam's doubting our sanity (e.g. picture #4). 

#7 is a much older picture (unposed, when Sam was just a 3 month pup) that was the inspiration for Batsam. He discovered that he can see out the windows above our front door from that vantage point at the top of the stairs.


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Behind the Scenes of a YLF Photoshoot

Now that Inge has returned to Antwerp I'm sorting through all the photos we both took. Several times during the trip we each took a camera (Inge used my older Nikon SLR) and we had fun geeking out about framing and lighting, apertures and ISO settings. 

One such occasion was the photoshoot for Angie's most recent outfit post. And I discovered that Inge took some great shots of us in action. So here we are behind the scenes at City Hall. Photos by Inge.


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Cocktail Party Photos

Here a few more pictures from the cocktail party event during the recent gathering in Seattle. Thanks again to Dashielle and her husband for hosting such a wonderful party.

I will be creating a shared folder on DropBox for exchanging photos that people took during the gathering. If you would like to share your photos, please PM me with the email address associated with your DropBox account.


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The Blog This Week & Gasworks Park

Our blog post frequency will drop a little this week as we take some time off with Inge. Still at least one post a day, but probably no posts in the afternoon. 

Here, some pictures from Gasworks Park on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle.


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WARNING: It is Not Possible to Unsee This Photo

Since we're all back in Boston today, I thought I'd share this one.


Santa Monica Gathering

Very belated I know, but hopefully better late than never. Here are a few photos that I took during the LA gathering on 28 September.


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Twilight in Seattle

As Angie mentioned in today's post, we were recently inspired by the Twilight series to go to Forks in Washington.

It was fun, but I have to say... Angie's been acting a little strange since we returned.


Neiman Marcus Fashion's Night Out

Just a few photos I took during the runway show at Neiman Marcus last week. The items are drawn from the NM Fall range.


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Camera Style

We had a lot of fun on Saturday and many great photos were taken, but there was no competition in the most stylish camera department.

Thanks Jenava for suggesting and organizing a great day. Looking forward to the next one.


More Extreme Post Processing

Most of the post processing I do on YLF photos is pretty light, like the example I showed earlier in the week. But sometimes I have to do a lot more to get the right image. There was a good example in today's post, so I thought I'd show a quick before and after.

In this case the original was a photo I took to get a sense of the light in Takashimaya, so I never dreamed we'd be using it on the blog. But as it turned out, this was the only photo I had of Angie's outfit that day, so it had to do.

The main corrections were...

  1. Exposure: The camera chose an exposure for the brightly lit display case and not for Angie. I actually over-exposed a little to make the outfit details more visible.
  2. White balance: The original has a yellow cast due to the unnatural light.
  3. Removing noise: Angie is in the dark, noisy part of the image.

The end result looks pretty reasonable, considering.

(If you are reading this post on the forum, try viewing it on my lookfab blog to see a better side by side comparison).


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